i'm just really mac tired
хочу попробовать этот челлендж в четвертом симсе:

Your household has to have 1 adult. (you can customize this one)
Create 7 toddlers with the randomize tool in Create a Sim and give them an unique trait. Toddlers can’t have the same trait as their siblings.
Use a money cheat if necessary. (CTRL+SHIFT+C and enter: Motherlode)
You can hire a Nanny to help you out. If you have The Sims 4 Vintage Glamour Stuff you can also hire a butler.
You can buy anything you may need to take care of the toddlers.
Your adult Sim can’t have a job but he/she can have hobbies (if your Sim has time for it but I doubt that).

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